Decorations Used To Instil Patriotism Are The Most Commendable Of The Many Public Occasions

Children's Days, Commencements and national holidays are the most popular. Flags and bunting, banks of daisies, a " Ship of State " and floral columns are seen in this illustration.



This is an interesting view of elaborate designs, in arches and festoons. The green and white in the arches and in the pulpit decorations are easily procured and arranged.

Sofa Pillows

Beautiful designs easily made. A group, each made of pieces of silk, ribbbon and velvet, cut in squares, diamonds and other shapes. Of the others, one is made of crimson denim with fleur-de-lis embroidered in dark blue silk ; a second is of butchers' linen with square designs of drawn work in the centre; a third is in alternating squares of college colors ; and the fourth is an octagonal pillow of white linen, the autographs are written in with pencil and outlined in silk.

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A Simple Wardrobe

A wardrobe of attractive appearance can be made by any one of ordinary ingenuity. To do so take two boards a foot wide and five feet high. Place these the distance apart desired for the width of the wardrobe, and connect them with similar boards top and bottom, making an improvised open framework. Casters should be placed in the four bottom corners, and brass rings screwed into each end of the top board.

Next prepare a pair of curtains sufficiently wide and long, hem the top, slip a brass wire through the hem, and pass the ends of the wires through the rings, letting the curtains fall to the floor. The side-boards of the wardrobe can be stained or treated in any way desired. Finally, wardrobe hooks can be procured and screwed into the upper board.


A bookcase suitable for ordinary purposes may be improvised from an old bureau which has lost its mirror, by placing above it a set of shelves, made by two upright boards screwed to the sides of the bureau, and two or three cross ones. Paint and brass handles will serve to make the old bureau look new. By screwing brass rings into the ends of the top shelf and slipping a rod through them, curtains may be hung of any stuff preferred.


Many houses still contain the high, old-fashioned, wooden mantelpieces, painted to imitate yellow-grained black marble, and a sore affliction to the eyes. A little paint may convert an eye sore into an ornament. Ebonize the entire surface, and paint.a spray of flowers in each panel, taking care to select blossoms whose tints harmonize with the decorations of the room. In a chamber furnished with white and blue, a mantelpiece of this kind would be pretty painted white, with the panels outlined in blue. If desired, some geometrical design or figure in outline can be painted in each panel. Above the mantelpiece fasten two shelves, the upper one shorter than the lower, supporting them on brackets. In this manner a very unsightly mantel may be converted into a very pretty and attractive one.