If your house is small and your family large, a folding-screen in each bedroom is an important addition. Very pretty and inexpensive ones may be made by covering a wooden frame with coarse canvas, and on this arranging pictures cut from illustrated papers. When the canvas is entirely covered, varnish the whole, and be happy in the knowledge that you have added a useful adjunct to your bedroom furniture, as well, perhaps, as provided hours of amusement for sick children in hunting out the various pictures.

Window Draperies

A novel and pretty window curtain has been made easily and cheaply by the practice of a little taste and ingenuity. Its material was the yellow silk ribbon which is used to tie bundles of cigars. This was made into squares, which were joined together by bands of antique lace insertion until the full length was reached. The top and bottom were then hemmed, and the lower end ornamented with a border of 'white lace and a row of fringe.


If through ill-fortune a looking-glass is broken, it is easy to utilize its larger fragments. These may be cut into square or diamond shape, and inserted in plush frames, or painted or gilded wooden frames. Thus utilized, a misfortune may be converted into an advantage in decoration. 450

Sofa Pillows

Where there are easy-chairs, and sofas, or lounges, a beautiful sofa pillow adds much to the effect in the decoration of a room. There should be a plentiful supply of these useful articles, as they afford opportunities for ladies to exercise their ingenuity in working out beautiful designs. These vary, from the plain pillow made of denim, with cord at the edges, both for finish and for durability, to the more expensive plush and silk pillows worked with the needle. Ordinary butchers' linen may be taken, a square design of drawn work made in the centre, and a ruffle may be made around the edges of red and white taffeta ribbon in alternate rows. The back of the pillow may also be of linen.

A sofa pillow may also be made of crimson denim, with dark blue fleur-de-lis embroidered upon it in dark blue silk, which may be finished with a crimson cord. The back should be made of dark blue denim. This cover describes one which would answer for a Pennsylvania University. Other colors may be used to represent any other college. Inexpensive sofa pillows may also be made of huck toweling embroidered in wash silks in white, pink, light green, light and dark yellow, and black. A ruffle may be added of bright red silk, and the back of the pillow made of toweling. A very inexpensive sofa pillow may be made of squares of silk, ribbon and velvet, each square slightly padded to give a raised effect. The edges of the pillow may be finished with narrow ruffles or silk cord. This variety of pillows offers great opportunity for ingenuity in using remnants of silk and velvet, and they are deservedly popular.

Quite an attractive pillow may be made of white linen, on which autographs of friends or of a class may be written in lead pencil, and outlined in several shades of green embroidery silk, or any other color which suits the fancy of the designer. The pillow may be square or octagonal in shape. A dainty pillow of this kind may be filled with dried rose leaves.