Roast Beef

The sirloin and rib pieces of the beef are the best for roasting - the latter for small families. Have the butcher remove the bone and skewer the meat into a round shape. It is better, in oven roasting, to dash a small cup of boiling water over the meat when first put in. This acts to check the escape of the juices until the meat is warmed through. If very fat on top, cover with a paste of flour and water till nearly done. Baste frequently, with water at first, then with the drippings. A quarter of an hour to the pound will cook it rare; if it is to be well done, cook longer. Remove, when done, to a heated dish, and make gravy from the drippings, or serve the liquor which runs from the meat when cut. Serve with mustard, or vinegar and scraped horse-radish.

Yorkshire Pudding

This is an excellent addition to a roast of beef. To make it, take one pint of milk, four eggs - white and yolks beaten separately - one teaspoon-ful of salt, and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder sifted through two cups of flour.

These should be mixed very smooth, and made about the consistency of cream. On taking the roast from the oven, set it where it will keep hot. In the meantime have the pudding prepared. Take two common biscuit tins and dip into them some of the drippings from the dripping-pan; pour half of the pudding into each, set them into the hot oven, and keep them there until the dinner is dished up. Take the puddings out at the last moment and send to the table hot. This is much better than the old way of baking the pudding under the meat.

Broiled Beefsteak

Place the steak in a wire broiler; hold it over the fire, near the coals ; count ten slowly, then turn it; continue to count ten and turn till the meat is done. From five to seven minutes will cook a steak an inch thick; eight to ten minutes if an inch and a half. Season with salt on both sides, but do not put butter on the steak. Serve at once on a hot platter.

Pan-Broiled Steak Or Chops

Buy tender meat. Trim off all the fat possible. Heat a frying-pan very hot, so that it hisses if a little water is dropped in. Lay in the meat, count ten, and turn ; count and turn again, and so on until the meat is cooked. A steak or chops one inch thick will require from five to seven minutes. Season and serve in the same manner as broiled meats.

Beefsteak Smothered in Onions.Season the steak with salt and pepper, dredge with flour, and brown in hot fat. When done on one side, turn and put in the sliced onions, cover, and when the onions are done cover with water. Cook slowly four or five minutes. Or fry the onions separately, and, when done, dish the steak and lay them thickly over the top.

Rolled Steak

Take a round steak, pound, pepper and salt. Take bread crumbs and make a dressing of them and spread over the top of the steak. Roll and tie it with a string. Put in pan and roast forty minutes.

Beef Stew

Put on to boil in three quarts of water three pounds of beef without bone. Let boil until tender, and add potatoes; season with salt and pepper. 388

When well done, make a gravy of flour and water, and serve hot.