English Stew

Cut meat in slices, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour. Lay in a dish, and put a few pickles or a small quantity of pickled cabbage over the meat. Take half a teacup of water, add a little vinegar, pour over the meat, bake half an hour. Serve immediately.

Pot Roast

For this purpose take a tough piece of meat. Cut off some of the fat and melt it in a deep frying-pan or iron kettle. When the fat is hot, put in the meat and brown it on both sides to harden the albumen and keep in the juice. Add one pint boiling water, cover, and simmer slowly until tender; then add one teaspoon-ful salt. If the water evaporates, do not add any more, as the fat will finish cooking the meat.

Boiled Beef to Serve Cold___Take a boiling piece of beef, roll and tie, put in kettle with boiling water, salt and pepper. Chop fine one small onion, break in pieces two bay leaves, boil all together; add boiling water as needed. Boil down very low. Let cool in the liquor. Slice cold.

Hamburg Steak

Chop finely one pound of lean, raw beef, season with salt and pepper, add a few drops of onion juice, one egg, mix all together and make into small balls or cakes. Broil over hot coals, or cook in a small quantity of smoking hot fat. The steaks are much better if allowed to stand several hours before cooking, so that the flavors may blend before the cakes are made up. They may be served with tomato sauce.

Meat Croquettes

One cup of cold chopped beef, one cup bread crumbs, one egg. Pour over this enough of the hot liquor to make quite soft. Add salt and pepper, make in small rolls, dip in beaten egg, then in cracker crumbs. Fry in hot lard.

Spiced Beef

Four pounds of round beef chopped fine, trim off the fat, add three dozen crackers, rolled fine, four eggs, one cup milk, one tablespoonful ground mace, two tablespoonfuls pepper, one tablespoonful butter; mix and put in pan, and baste with water and butter ; bake two hours in a slow oven.

Curing Fresh Beef

To each one hundred pounds of beef take four gallons of water, put in kettle, also six pounds common salt, two ounces saltpetre ; simmer over slow fire, and skim. When cold pour over beef, which should be loosely packed. Hang in about three weeks, or put in new brine, or boil and skim the old.

Beef Tongue

Wash the tongue and soak over night in cold water. Put it into a pot of cold water, and boil slowly until it is tender to the centre. When cold, take it from water, pare off the skin, cut in round slices, and garnish with parsley. Tongue is considered better than ham for sandwiches.

Pickled Beef Tongue - Wash tongue thoroughly, soak over night in salt water; put in cold water and cook until tender, remove the skin while warm ; put in stone jar, cover with hot vinegar to which is added one teaspoonful of mixed spices. This will keep for some time.

Dried Beef

This is' commonly served raw, shaved into thin slices; but is more savory if cooked. Put the slices into a frying-pan, cover with boiling water; cook for ten minutes, then drain and cut into small bits. Return to pan with a little butter, and stir into the pan four well-beaten eggs for a half pound meat; stir and toss the mixture for about,two minutes. Serve in a covered dish.