Boiled Corned Beef

Skewer your piece into shape, wash it in three or four waters, and tie it up with stout twine. Cover it in a pot with cold water. In boiling, give about twenty minutes to a pound, turning it three times while cooking. When done, drain dry and serve with drawn butter in a sauce boat. Boiled turnips are eaten with the meat.

Roast Veal

Cook veal longer than lamb or mutton, allowing at least,a quarter hour to each pound. Heat gradually and baste frequently. When nearly done, dredge lightly with flour and baste once with melted butter. If browning too fast, cover with white paper. Breast and fillet of veal need to be filled with a dressing made of bread crumbs, chopped thyme or parsley, season-ing, and a beaten egg.

Veal Cutlets

Sprinkle the cutlets with salt and pepper, dip in beaten egg, roll in cracker crumbs, and fry in hot lard or dripping. A little boiling water may be added to the gravy when the meat is dished, and a thickening of brown flour.

Veal Stew

Two pounds of veal, one tablespoonful of lard, one tablespoonful of butter; slice one medium sized onion over the meat, add one half teacup of vinegar, as the meat stews add a little water. Cook two hours.

Veal Fricassee

Take two lbs. of shank or neck of veal, remove bones, place them in a saucepan, season, add two cups cold water, and cook slowly. While cooking slice two onions, cut the meat into inch cubes, remove the fat, and dredge the meat with flour. Fry the onions brown and add to the water. Brown the meat slightly and add. Let simmer half an hour. Cook together one tablespoonful each of flour and butter, add gradually half cup of milk, and stir it into the fricassee. Boil five minutes and serve.

Calf's Head

After washing, take out the brains and put in a cool place. Tie the head in a floured cloth and boil for two hours, adding some salt to the water. Wash and carefully pick the brains, cleansing them till quite white ; cover with water and stew; mash smooth, and add gradually a cupful of the water in which the meat is boiled. Season with butter, parsley, sage, pepper and salt. Drain the head very dry, score the top and rub it over with melted butter; dredge with flour and set in the oven to brown. When served, pour the gravy over it. Do not skin the head. Mock-turtle soup is made of calf's head, chopped fine, well seasoned and boiled, the brains being used with the yolks of eggs to make forcemeat balls.

Fried Sweetbreads

To fry sweetbreads, wash carefully and rub dry, lard with narrow strips of fat pork, and lay in a hot frying-pan, well greased, and cook to a fine brown. Turn frequently, till the pork is crisp.

Broiled Sweetbreads

Rub well with butter, and cook on a clean gridiron. Turn frequently, occasionally rolling on a plate with some hot melted butter. This keeps them from getting dry and hard.

Stewed Sweetbreads

Remove all skin and fat, cover with cold water, and bring to a boil. Pour off the hot water, and cover with cold until they are firm. Stew a second time in very little water. When tender, add a teaspoonful of butter for each sweetbread, with pepper, salt, chopped parsley and a little cream. Simmer for five minutes, and serve in covered dish, with the gravy poured in.

Sweetbreads With Tomatoes

Soak in salt water for one hour; take out, pepper and dip in breadcrumbs and fry in hot fat, when done put in a dish and pour tomatoes over sweetbreads. Prepare tomatoes by straining through a sieve and season with salt, pepper and butter, thicken with flour, cook until thick.