Roast Leg Of Mutton

Remove the bone from a leg of mutton and mix a filling as follows : one cup rolled cracker or bread crumbs, and one teaspoonful each of salt and sage, with sprinkle of pepper. Mix these, scald a little dropped onion - if liked - and add ; moisten with milk or water. Sprinkle the cavity with salt, fill it and sew. Dredge with salt, pepper and flour. Place the meat on a rack in a roasting-pan, and bake in a hot oven, allowing twenty minutes to a pound. Baste once in fifteen minutes. When done, remove the strings and put the meat on a hot platter. Pour off the fat from the pan, stir half tablespoonful flour into the browned sediment, add one cup boiling water and boil five minutes. Strain and serve as a gravy.

Chickens and other poultry may be filled and roasted as directed. Beef is usually roasted without filling, and mutton frequently.

Leg Of Mutton A La Venison

After removing the rough fat from the mutton, lay it in a deep earthen dish, and rub on thoroughly the following compound: One tablespoonful of salt, one each of celery-salt, brown sugar, black pepper, English mustard, allspice, and some sweet herbs, all powdered and mixed. Then pour over the meat a teacupful. of good vinegar, cover tightly, and set in a cool place four or five days, turning it and basting often with the liquid each day. To cook, put in a kettle a quart of boiling water, place over it an inverted shallow pan, and on this lay the meat just as removed from the pickle; cover the kettle tightly and stew four hours. Do not let the water touch the meat. Add a cup of hot water to the pickle remaining and use it to baste with. Make a gravy by thickening the liquid with flour and strain-ing through a fine sieve. Serve with currant jelly, as for venison.

Stuffed Shoulder Of Mutton

Have the butcher remove the blade from a shoulder of mutton. Fill the cavity thus formed with a stuffing of well-seasoned bread crumbs and a half pint of oysters. Sew up and press into shape. Baste frequently while roasting. When done remove all fat from the drippings in the pan and thicken slightly. Parboil another half pint of oysters and add to the gravy.

Mutton Chops

Trim off the superfluous fat and skin from your chops, if not done by the butcher; dip each chop in beaten egg, roll in cracker dust, and fry in hot lard or dripping. Omit the egg if desired. Sprinkle the chops with salt before rolling in the egg, or salt the fat. Serve dry and hot.

Broiled Mutton Chops

Mutton chops should be cut one inch thick. Trim off the skin and the greater part of the fat. Lay the meat in a wire broiler and proceed as in broiling steak. It requires from four to six minutes to cook a chop one inch thick. Season chops with salt and pepper, but no butter, and serve immediately on a hot platter.

Lamb Chops are very delicate and tender. Prepare and broil them in the same way that mutton chops are broiled. They require longer cooking than mutton chops and should never be served rare. A lamb chop one inch thick should be cooked from seven to ten minutes.

Medallions Of Mutton With Green Pea Salad

Medallions Of Mutton With Green Pea Salad

Remove the bones and fat from lamb on chops, and skewer the meat in rounds. Braise the meat with the bones and fine-cut vegetables until tender ; let cool under a weight, cover with brown chaudfroid sauce. decorate with white and yolk of egg, and brush over with liquid aspic. Serve cold with cooked peas dressed with French dressing. Brown Chaudfroid Sauce.- To a cup of highly seasoned brown sauce add the yolk of an egg, diluted with one-but still liquid. cream and a scant tablespoonful of gelatine softened in three tablespoonfuls of stock. Use who, cold, seasoning of bulter, salt and pepper. Stir rapidly Iron bottom till very hot. Dish in a mound shape.

Lamb Stew

Cut the lamb into small squares, first removing the fat. Then put on in stew-pan, covering with water, and let heat slowly. When partly done add a little sliced salt pork, one or two sliced onions, pepper and salt, and two or three cut-up potatoes. Cover, and continue to stew till the meat is tender. Then drop in a few small dumplings, stew fifteen minutes more, and serve. The gravy should be thickened with a little flour moistened with milk.

Spring Lamb

Bake six pounds of meat one Lour and a half in a moderate oven. Season when put to roast. Baste often. Serve with mint sauce.

Mint sauce : Take a handful of fresh mint, wash and dry. Take leaves and chop fine, add a tablespoonful of sugar, one of water and cover tightly for one hour and a half. An hour before serving add three-fourths cup of vinegar and serve with lamb ; add essence of mint if desired.