Graham Bread

Mix the sponge or batter, using a pint of lukewarm water, half a teaspoonful salt, half yeast cake and one cup flour. When light, stir in three tablespoon-fuls molasses and beat until it is thoroughly mixed; then add enough Graham flour to make a soft dough. Knead it ten minutes, shape it into two loaves, and put it in greased pans to rise. When light, bake in a moderate oven about thirty minutes. The bread may be made without any white flour.

Entire Wheat or Whole Wheat Bread

- Use recipe for Graham bread substituting whole wheat flour for the Graham.

Soft Graham Bread - Mix together two cupfuls Graham flour, one cupful white flour, one teaspoonful salt, four tablespoon-fuls molasses, one tablespoonful butter or lard and lukewarm water to make a soft dough, add half a yeast cake dissolved in halt a cupful of lukewarm water. Beat thoroughly and allow it to double its bulk. Beat again, and pour into greased pans. Let it double its bulk. Bake in moderate oven.

Boston Brown Bread

Mix together thoroughly two cupfuls of rye meal or Graham flour, one cupful corn meal, one-half teaspoonful salt, and one-quarter teaspoonful 404 soda. Add two cupfuls of milk and one-half cup molasses. Fill a greased mold two-thirds full, cover it and steam six hours or longer. The longer it is steamed the darker and richer it becomes.

Boston Brown Bread

Mix one pint of rye flour, one quart of corn-meal, one teacupful of Graham flour, half a teacupful of molasses or brown sugar, a teaspoonful of salt, and two-thirds of a teacupful of yeast. Stir this with a spoon into as stiff a dough as you can, using warm water for wetting. Let it rise several hours, or over night. In the morning, or when light, add a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a spoonful of warm water ; beat well and turn into well-greased, deep pans, and let it rise again. Bake in a moderate oven from three to four horrs.

Boston Brown Bread (Unfermented)

Stir thoroughly together, wetting with sour milk, one cupful of rye flour, two cupfuls of corn meal, one cupful of white flour, half a teacupful of molasses or sugar, and a tea-spoonful of salt. Then add a level tea-spoonful of soda dissolved in a tablespoonful of water. Sweet milk may be used by substituting baking-powder for soda. The batter must be stirred thick with a spoon, and turned into well-greased pans.

Virginia Brown Bread

Take a pint of corn-meal, and thoroughly scald with boiling water. To this, when cool, add a pint of light, white bread sponge, mix well, and add a cupful of molasses, and Graham flour sufficient to mold. When light bake for an hour and a half in a moderate oven. The quantities here given will make two loaves.

Boston Corn Bread

Take one cupful of sweet and two of sour milk, two-thirds cupful of molasses, a cupful of wheat flour, four cupfuls corn-meal, and a teaspoonful of soda. Steam for three hours and brown in the oven a few minutes. If made with sweet milk and baking powder it is equally good.