Corn Bread

Beat thoroughly two eggs - whites and yolks separately. Mix two heaping cupfuls of Indian meal and one cupful of flour, adding a teaspoonful of melted lard and milk enough to make a thin batter. Put into the flour while yet dry a teaspoonful of soda and two of cream-of-tartar. Put in the eggs last. Beat very briskly. Bake quickly in a buttered mold; a half hour is usually time enough. All kinds of corn bread should be eaten while hot.

Corn Pone

To one quart of corn meal mush, add one and one-half pints cold water ; stir well and add corn meal to make soft batter. Let stand over night in a warm place. In the morning add one cupful buttermilk, a level teaspoonful soda, one egg beaten light, one tablespoonful salt, three-fourths cupful sugar, two tablespoonfuls flour. Add enough meal to make it about as stiff as common corn bread and bake one hour and a quarter in a moderate oven.

Johnnie Cake

Sift into a pan one quart of Indian meal, and, making a hole in the middle, pour in a pint of warm water, and add a teaspoonful of salt. Mix the meal and water with a spoon into a soft dough; then stir very briskly for a quarter of an hour or more, till it becomes light and spongy. The dough must next be spread evenly on a straight, flat board, and the board be placed nearly upright before an open fire, with some support to hold it in position. Bake well; when done, cut into squares; send hot to table, split and buttered.

New England Corn Cake

Take a quart of milk, a pint of corn meal, a teacup-ful of wheat flonr, a teaspoonful of salt, and two tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Scald the milk, and pour it gradually on the meal. When cool, add the butter and salt, and half a cupful of yeast. Let set over night. In the morning beat the sponge thoroughly, and add two well-beaten eggs, and half a tea-spoonful of soda dissolved in a teaspoonful of water. Pour into buttered deep earthen plates, let stand fifteen minutes to rise again, and bake from twenty to thirty minutes.

Corn Meal Griddle Cakes

Scald two cupfuls of sifted corn meal and mix with a cupful of wheat flour and a teaspoonful of salt. Add three well-beaten eggs ; thin with enough sour milk to make the mixture the right consistency. Beat the mass till very light, and add a teaspoonful of baking-soda dissolved in a little water. If you use sweet milk, replace the soda with two large teaspoonfuls of baking powder. 22

Lunch Biscuit - To enough raised dough to make a loaf, add one-half cupful sugar, one-half cupful lard, and mix thoroughly. Roll to one-fourth inch thickness and cut with biscuit cutter, place them in pan one on top of the other, with piece of butter the size of a pea between them. Let raise and bake.


Two teacupfuls raised dough, one teacupful sugar, half cupful butter, two well-beaten eggs, flour enough to make a stiff dough; set to raise, and, when light, mold into high biscuit and let raise again, sift sugar over top and wet with milk, place in oven.