Parker House Rolls

Scald a pint of milk, melt in it while warm a piece of butter the size of an egg, add a tablespoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt, and a cupful of yeast. Add flour to make soft dough and let it rise over night.

In the morning add half a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a spoonful of water. Mix in enough flour to make the same stiffness as any biscuit dough, and roll out about a quarter of an inch thick. Cut with a large round cutter, spread soft butter over the tops, and fold one-half over the other by doubling. Cover, and place near the fire for fifteen or twenty minutes to rise before baking. Bake in rather a quick oven.

French Rolls

These may be made of the bread dough prepared for baking. When making bread, reserve enough dough for rolls. Work into this a tablespoonful of lard or butter, and stand in a cool place for four hours. Knead again, and let stand three hours more. Then roll, very lightly, pieces of the dough into round cakes, and fold these over, not quite in the centre. Let rise again an hour, and bake half an hour in a hot oven.

Risen Biscuit

Mix one quart milk, three-quarters of a cupful each lard or butter and yeast, two tablespoonfuls white sugar, and a teaspoonful of salt, with flour enough to make a soft dough. Set over night. In morning roll out into a sheet three-quarters of an inch thick. Cut into round cakes, set close together in a pan, let rise twenty minutes, and bake twenty minutes. Or half the flour may be worked in, and the remainder five hours later, the dough being left to rise five hours more.

Gluten Bread

Scald a pint of milk ; when lukewarm, add the whites of two eggs slightly beaten, and one yeast cake dissolved in two tablespoonfuls of warm water ; add sufficient gluten flour to make a thick batter. Beat for five minutes; cover, and stand aside for three hours ; then add sufficient flour to make as thick a batter as you can handle with a spoon. Turn it into a greased square pan, and when it is very light (about one hour) bake in a moderately quick oven for three-quarters of an hour.

Gluten Muffins

Separate two eggs ; beat the yolks; add a pint of milk. Add to this a half pint of gluten flour, a half tea-spoonful of salt. When thoroughly mixed, add a rounding teaspoonful of baking powder ; stir in the well-beaten whites of the eggs. Bake in greased hot gem pans in a moderate oven twenty minutes.

Sally Lunn

Warm 'one-half cupful of butter in a pint of milk; add a teaspoonful of salt, a tablespoonful of sugar, and two quarts of flour. Beat thoroughly, and while tie mixture is warm, add four well-beaten eggs, and, lastly, four tablespoonfuls of yeast, which beat in well. Set it to rise over night in a buttered dish. In the morning, dissolve half a teaspoonful of soda, stir it into the batter, and set it to rise again about fifteen or twenty minutes. Bake steadily three-quarters of an hour, or until a straw thrust in comes out clean.

This cake should be torn apart, not cut. Cutting is apt to make warm bread heavy. Bake a light brown. Eat while hot.