English Crumpets

To a quart of warm milk, add half a cup of yeast, a tea-spoonful of salt, and flour enough to make a stiff batter. When light, rub in half a cupful of melted butter, a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little water, and a very little more flour. Let stand twenty minutes or until light. Next grease some muffin rings, place them on a hot griddle, and fill them half full of the batter. When done on one side, turn and bake the other side. Butter them while hot, pile one on another, and serve at once. 406

Rice Cakes

Take one cup cold boiled rice, one pint flour, two well-beaten eggs, a teaspoonful salt, and milk to make a moderately thick batter. Beat well together and bake quickly.

Flannel Cakes

A quart of milk, a tablespoonful of butter, two well-beaten eggs, a teaspoonful of salt, and three tablespoonfuls of yeast, with flour enough to make a good batter. Set at night as a sponge, and add the butter and eggs in the morning.


Break one egg into a cup and fill with sweet milk ; mix with it half cupful yeast, half cupful butter, one cupful sugar, enough flour to make a soft dough ; flavor with nutmeg. Let rise till very light, then mold into biscuits; let raise a second time in pan, bake, and, when nearly done, glaze with cream and sugar.

Coffee Cakes

To one quart light dough add one cupful sugar, one-half cupful butter, one cupful raisins, and season with cinnamon or nutmeg to taste ; let raise, then roll out in large round cakes; set the other half away in a can in a cool place until you wish to bake again.


One quart flour, one teaspoon-ful salt, one of soda, sift together and rub in one tablespoonful of lard, sour milk to make a soft dough, bake immediately in a quick oven. If milk is not very sour use less soda.

Tea Biscuit

Sift together one quart of flour and three teaspoonfuls baking powder, rub in a tablespoonful lard, one-half tea-spoonful salt. Mix with enough sweet milk or water to make as soft a dough as can be handled. Roll and cut out biscuit.

Soda Biscuit - Rub into a quart of sifted flour two tablespoonfuls lard, one tea-spoonful salt, one scant teaspoonful soda, two of cream of tartar. Mix with one pint milk, or enough to make a very soft dough. Roll and cut one-half to one inch thick with biscuit cutter ; bake in quick oven.

Graham Muffins - Mix together thoroughly one and one-quarter cupfuls Graham flour, one cupful white flour, scant tea-spoonful soda, and a teaspoonful salt. Add one-third cupful of molasses and one cupful sour milk. Bake in greased gem pans.


One cupful milk, one-half tea-spoonful each of butter and lard melted, a little salt, three teaspoonfuls baking powder, flour to make batter like cake. Bake in quick oven.

Corn Meal Muffins

Two eggs, two tablespoonfuls granulated sugar, one cupful sweet milk, one cupful of granulated corn meal, one and one-half cupfuls sifted flour, three teaspoonfuls baking powder, and a pinch of salt.