Salmon Sandwiches

One can of salmon chopped fine, one cup bread crumbs, one egg, one tablespoonful of melted butter; season with salt and pepper; mix well, and put in two greased one-pound baking powder cans, with lids on; boil one and a half hours, then take out of cans and brown in the oven. When cold, slice thin and place between slices of bread.

Oyster Sandwiches

Take a pint of raw oysters and chop them Very fine. Add salt and pepper. Put them in the chafing dish with a teaspoonful of butter and three tablespoonfuls of dry biscuit crumbs ; after cooking for five minutes they are ready to make up into sandwiches.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Slice cucumbers thin and place in salt water on ice until ready to use. Butter sparing!/ thin slices of wheat bread; roll the cucumbers in Mayonnaise dressing and place between two slices of bread.

Lettuce Sandwiches - Slice thin nice homemade bread, at least one day old, spread thin with good butter ; cut in desired shape, dip lettuce leaf in Mayonnaise dressing and lay between.


Eggs form a valuable food and should be used as a substitute for meats and in combination with starchy foods. Fresh eggs should always be used, if obtainable.

If eggs are placed in boiling water and allowed to boil, the white becomes tough and indigestible and the yoke undercooked ; therefore they should be cooked at a temperature below boiling point.

Boiled Eggs (A) - Have a saucepan of boiling water. Remove to the back of the stove where the water will not boil and add the eggs, being careful that there is sufficient water to cover them. Let them stand from seven to ten minutes if required soft - forty to forty-five minutes if wanted hard.

Boiled Eggs (B) - Cover the eggs with cold water and place over fire. When the water begins to boil they will be cooked properly for soft boiled eggs. If allowed to remain four or five minutes they will be hard boiled.

Mustard Eggs

Remove shells from one dozen hard boiled eggs, cut in halves, take out yolks, add to them salt, ground mustard and pepper, mix all together, add vinegar to moisten; then fill whites with the yellow mixture and serve.

Poached Eggs

Break eggs, one at a time, into a cup. Put a quart of boiling water and half teaspoonful salt into a saucepan. Let it boil, then move it back on the stove so that it will just cease to bubble. Place muffin rings in the pan. Drop the eggs into the rings one at a time, and cook until the white is firm. Serve them on toast, with a sprinkle of salt on each egg.

Fried Eggs

Break the shells and drop the eggs one by one in hot fat; dip the fat over them until the white is set; dust with pepper and salt and serve hot; cook from three to five minutes, according to taste. These are less digestible than poached eggs, the hot fat making the albumen leathery.

Scrambled Eggs

Beat six eggs very light; add a little salt, eight tablespoonfuls of milk, and a small lump of butter. Put in a hot skillet and stir constantly until the eggs harden.