Pare, quarter, core, and boil in a half tea-cup of water until very soft, ten large tart apples; beat till very smooth, then add the yolks of six eggs or three whole eggs, juice and grated rind of two lemons, half cup butter, one and a half cups sugar, or more if not sweet enough; beat all thoroughly, line little tart-tins with puff-puste, and fill with the mixture, bake five minutes in a hot oven. If wanted very nice, take the whites of the six eggs (when the yolks of six are used), mix with six table-spoons pulverized sugar, spread on the top of the tarts, return to oven and brown slightly.

For almond tarts, beat to a cream the yolks of three eggs and a quarter of a pound of sugar, add half a pound of shelled almonds pounded slightly, put in tart-tins lined with puff-paste; bake eight minutes.

For cocoa-nuts, dissolve half pound sugar in quarter of a pint water, add half a grated cocoa-nut, let this boil slowly for a few minutes, and when cold, add the well-beaten yolks of three eggs and the white of one; beat all well together, and pour into pattypans lined with a rich crust; bake a few minutes.

When removed from oven, cover the tarts with a meringue made of the whites of the three eggs, mixed with three table-spoons sugar; return to oven, and brown delicately.