Cut out the blossoms and stems of tart apples, in the stem end out some sugar; bake till soft; serve either warm or cold. Sweet apples require a longer time for baking than sour, and are better for adding a little water in pan when placed to bake. They require several hours, and when done are of a rich, dark brown color. If taken out too soon they are insipid. For an extra nice dish, pare and core tart apples, place in pan, put butter and sugar in cavity, 11 and sprinkle cinnamon over them, and serve warm with cream or milk. Or, pare and quarter tart apples, put a layer in earthen baking-dish, add lumps of butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon, then a layer of apples, etc., till dish is full; bake till soft. Or, quarter and core sour apples without paring, put in baking-dish, sprinkle with sugar and bits of butter, add a little water, and bake until tender. The proportion of sugar is a gill, and butter half-size of an egg, to three pints of apples, and a gill and a half of water.