Add to two cups sour milk one tea-spoon soda, and one of salt, half cup of butter, lard, flour enough to make dough a little stiffer than for biscuit; or make a good baking-powder crust; peel and core apples, roll out crust, place apples on dough, fill cavity of each with sugar, encase each apple in coating of the crust, press edges light together, (it is nice to tie a cloth around each one), put into kettle of boiling water slightly salted, boil half an hour, taking care that the water covers the dumplings. They are also very nice steamed. To bake, make in same way, using a soft dough, place in a shallow pan, bake in a hot oven, and serve with cream and sugar, or place in a pan which is four or five inches deep (do not have the dumplings touch each other); then pour in hot water, just leaving top of dumplings uncovered. To a pan of four or five dumplings, add one tea-cup sugar and half a tea-cup butter; bake from half to three-quarters of an hour. If water cooks away too much, add more Serve dumplings on platter and the liquid in sauce-boat for dress ing. Fresh or canned peaches may be made in the same way.