Brush Stand

- Another toilet convenience is a white wire stand for hand and tooth brushes. It is so contrived that the brushes are kept in place and yet are always within easy and convenient reach. The stand is not expensive, and is ornamental as well as useful.

A Homemade Lounge

A long packing box, such as may be had for a trifle at almost any dry goods store, of the right height, lined with wall-paper, the cover put on with hinges, and if of more than one board strengthened by cleats on the under side, and the whole neatly cushioned and covered with tastefully selected calico, makes a very pretty lounge, and may be used also for a receptacle of the best dresses. When more than one dress is to be stored in it, and it is important to avoid crushing, a thin board resting on strips nailed on the ends inside half way up divides the box into two equal apartments. Place the dress least used in bottom, drop the dividing board into place, and lay in other garments more commonly used. Nothing injures good dresses more than too close packing and much folding.

Smoothing Iron

- The cut represents a very good form of smoothing iron. The peculiar form of the handle makes it convenient and easy to the hand, while the width of the guard wards off the heat more than in the common form.

Lamp Shades

- A Japanese parasol, with the handle removed, and a hole cut in the center to admit the chimney, makes a pretty lamp shade. This is not especially new, but is effective always. The ribs of the parasol are finished with tassels of tuited crewels.

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Sponge Basket

- A sponge, especially When damp, is a nuisance. If hung up it moistens the wall, and if laid down it gets in every body's way and gathers dirt. The simple, neat and cheap wire basket which hangs on the wall is a good receptacle for it, or a three-cornered piece of oil-cloth, sustained by a string fastened at each corner, is a good makeshift for the same purpose.

How To Make A Long Mat

After stringing on the twine the small pieces of cloth, muslin, etc., as described on page 452, cut them into the lengths required, and lay them side by side. Sew the strips strongly together, and clip the scraps until the whole mat is of a uniform thickness, and no ragged pieces stand up. To make the rug handsomer let the piece of twine intended to go outside be strung with pieces of the same color and material, red, black or blue, which will make a border. The center may be of mixed colors and materials.

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