For six cups of coffee of fair size, take one cup sweet cream whipped light with a little sugar; put into each cup the desired amount of sugar and about a table-spoon boiling milk; pour the coffee over these and lay upon the surface of the hot liquid a large spoonful of the frothed cream, giving a gentle stir to each cup before serving. This is known to some as meringued coffee, and is an elegant French preparation of the popular drink. Chocolate served in this way is delicious. - Marion Harland.

Coffee for One Hundred. Take five pounds roasted coffee, grind and mix with six eggs; make small muslin sacks, and in each place a pint of coffee, leaving room for it to swell; put five gallons boiling water in a large coffee urn or boiler having a faucet at the bottom; put in part of the sacks and boil two hours; five or ten minutes before serving raise the lid and add one or two more sacks, and if you continue serving several times add fresh sacks at regular intervals, taking out from time to time those first put in and filling up with boiling water as needed.

In this way the full strength of the coffee is secured and the fresh supplies impart that delicious flavor consequent on a few moments boiling.

To make coffee for twenty persons, use one and a half pints ground coffee and one gallon of water. - Mrs. C. S. Ogden.