This may be made of either sponge or pound-cake mixture, and baked in a fancy mold, If the prescribed mold is not available, an ordinary two quart ice-cream mold would answer the purpose pretty well. After being baked and allowed to completely cool, the cake should be iced with thin icing, either pink or white, and piped in contrasting colors. Thus, if iced white, it should be piped pink, and vice versa. Further ornamentation can be made by a proper distribution of pastilles, crystallized fruits, etc., and the whole surmounted by a small spray or bouquet of flowers.

Another way of making it is by use of stale cake. If you have stale sponge or pound-cake, first cut from it the base with a sharp knife (see figure 1, page 355); then the piece as per figure 2, then the piece as per figure 3. Place the three, one above the other, then ice and ornament it.

Either of the foregoing cakes are left as they come from the mold, or in the shape they are cut with the knife. The pieces, numbered 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, added, being only for the russe.

For the russe, produce the cake by either of the above methods, remembering to have as large a hole in it as circumstances will allow, (see dotted line in Nos. 1,2, and 3,) this, of course, is filled with cream; then piece No. 3 is added and secured. Next take a thin piece of cake, not more than a quarter of an inch in thickness, and cut out the pieces as per Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and set them aside for future use. Next, take a pallet-knife, and cover the whole russe with red or some other colored jelly. This done, place on the pieces Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, in their respective places (the jelly will hold them). Leave the cut part outside, so that none of the baked parts will show, and the desired effect is produced. The pieces being in their places, you next pipe and otherwise ornament; finish the whole by the addition of a spray or bouquet of flowers on the top, or with a bouquet of leaves, piped on with a leaf tube. Another way to make it, is to cut the base out of a solid piece of cake; make the hole and fill it with cream; lay on that a thin piece of cake. Then with a cone and tube pile up the cream in pyramid shape. Have ready six strips cut the proper shape, i. e., the same width at the bottom as one of the six sections of the base, and gradually tapering to the top. Place these pieces in their proper position, fasten them with a little icing, cover the whole with jelly, as in the other case, or leave plain, as you choose. In either case pipe and otherwise ornament it. If preferable, you can place the strips to form piece No. 3, securing them with icing; then force cream through the opening on the top. By this means you get that part better filled with cream than by any other means.