Baked Eggs

Break eight eggs into a well-buttered dish, put in pepper and salt, bits of butter, and three table-spoons cream; set in oven and bake about twenty minutes; serve very hot.

Birds' Nest

Boil eggs hard, remove shells, surround with force-meat; fry or bake them till nicely browned, cut in halves, and place in the dish with gravy.

Curried Eggs

Slice two onions and fry in butter, add a table-spoon curry-powder and one pint good broth or stock, stew till onions are quite tender, add a cup of cream thickened with arrowroot or rice flour, simmer a few moments, then add eight or ten hard-boiled eggs, cut in slices, and beat them well, but do not boil. - Mrs. E. L. Fay, Washington Heights.

Escaloped Eggs

Moisten bread-crumbs with milk or meat broth; place a layer or this in a well-buttered dish; slice some hard-boiled eggs, and dip each slice in a thick-drawn butter sauce to which a well-beaten egg has been added; put a layer of them upon the crumbs, then a slight layer of minced ham, veal or chicken, then bread, etc., tinishing with dry, sifted bread-crumbs; bake until well heated; or, mix equal parts minced ham and fine bread-crumbs, season with salt, pepper and melted butter, adding milk to moisten till quite soft; half fill buttered gem-pans or small patty-pans with this mixture, and break an egg carefully upon the top of each, dust with salt and pepper, sprinkle finely powdered crackers over all, set in the oven and bake eight minutes; serve immediately..

Frizzled Ham And Eggs

Take bits of either boiled or fried ham, chop fine, and place in skillet prepared with butter or beef drippings; take four to six well-beaten eggs, pour over ham, and when heated through, season well with pepper and salt; stir together, cook until done brown, and turn over without stirring.

Puff Omelet

Stir into the yolks of six eggs, and the whites of three beaten very light, one table-spoon of flour mixed into a tea-cup of cream or milk, with salt and pepper to taste; melt a table-spoon butter in a pan, pour in the mixture and set the pan into a hot oven; when it thickens, pour over it the remaining whites of eggs well beaten, return it to the oven and let it bake a delicate brown. Slip off on large plate, and eat as soon as done. - Mrs. W. D. Hall, Hawley, Minn.

Poached Eggs

Break and drop them one at a time in salted water, to which some add a small lump of butter; some say drop in when simmering, others when boiling, not letting it boil again after putting in the eggs; others have water boiling, salt, then place it where it will stop boiling, drop in eggs, and let simmer gently till done. Always take great care in keeping the yolk whole. To preserve the egg round, muffin rings may be placed in the water, or stir with a spoon and drop in the eddy thus made, stirring till egg is cooked. To serve them, toast squares of bread three-quarters of an inch thick, put a very little melted butter upon each slice, place on a heated platter, lay an egg on each square, and sprinkle with pepper and salt. Some put a bit of butter on each egg. Serve with Worcester sauce if desired. Some poach eggs in milk, serving them in sauce dishes with some of the milk, and seasoning with pepper and salt.