To one-half cup N. 0. molasses add a tea-spoon soda, beat to a white froth, and give a tea-spoon every few minutes till relieved by vomiting; or one part pulverized alum to two parts white sugar, and give in same way; or grease a cloth (made in the shape of a bib) thoroughly and dust thickly with nutmeg, and put on over throat and chest, keeping it on for several days after the child is well, and when taken off put on a flannel cloth for a few days, and then some morning take this off and bathe well in cold water and rub dry; or take four or five hollyhock blossoms, boil, and apply wet around the throat; or apply hot fomentations to the throat and chest, sponge off with tepid water, rub dry, and apply oil and ammonia; or some apply cold wet cloths over throat and chest, covering well with flannel, changing often, until inflammation is subdued. From two years to eight is the croupy period; and when a cold assumes croupy symptoms great care should be taken to keep the child indoors, in a warm, well-ventilated room, giving light food, no meats, hot bread, or berries. (Raw or cooked onions are good as a preventive to either worms or croup.) A remedy, said to give relief where other means fail, is to let a healthy person fill his lungs with pure air, then slowly breathe upon the patient's throat and chest, commencing at the point of the chin and moving slowly down to bottom of windpipe.