meat a raw egg (some use the yolks only) with a salt-spoon of salt (using a wooden-spoon) until it is thoroughly smooth, add a tea-spoon mixed mustard made rather thicker than usual; when quite smooth add by degrees (a few drops only at a time) a half-pint of olive-oil, taking care to blend each portion of it with the egg before adding more. This ought to be as smooth as honey, and thick enough so that a spoon will stand up in it; dilute with vinegar until it assumes the consistency of thick cream. A little anchovy may be added if desired. Lemon juice may be used instead of vinegar, or a few drops may be added with the vinegar. This is the smoothest and richest of salad dressings. The oily flavor is entirely lost in combination with the raw egg. When you begin to add the oil, drop a very little at first as it may curdle the egg. This sauce keeps well, if bottled and corked with a glass stopper, and it may be made at any time in advance, if only yolks are used, when yolks are left over from baking. In summer, place oil and eggs in a cold place, half an hour before making.