Take sweet milk, or half water and milk, a pinch of salt, let boil, stir in wheat flour, as in making corn-meal mush, until same thickness as mush; remove from fire, and serve at once with sweetened cream flavored with nutmeg. Some think it improved by adding blackberries, raspberries or cherries, either canned or fresh, just before taking from stove. Molasses Pudding. Three cups of flour, one each of molasses, melted butter and hot water; one tea-spoon soda; steam three hours; serve with a sauce of butter and sugar worked to a cream, with hot water added to make it the proper consistency, and flavored with vanilla. Some add a tea-cup raisins. - Mrs. Jenks, Beliefontaine.

One-two-three-four Pudding. One cup butter, two of sugar, three of flour, four eggs (beaten separately), one cup sweet milk, and two tea-spoons baking-powder; flavor with nutmeg, and bake in pudding or cake mold; leave in mold till next day, when steam for three-quarters of an hour over a kettle of boiling water and serve with hot sauce. - Mrs. C. A. Malin.