To make a baked custard, separate the whites and yolks of five eggs, beat the yolks well with a quarter of a pound of sugar, add the well-beaten whites and mix well with a quart of milk. Flavor and then pour into a buttered mold. Set immediately into a pan of boiling hot water, in a moderately hot oven. About half an hour will be required to set it firmly. When nicely browned and puffed up, touch the middle with a knife blade; if it cuts as smooth as around the sides it is done; take care not to overdo. Let custard stand until perfectly cold, turn out gently on a plate and dust thickly with sugar, place in upper part of a hot oven; the sugar soon melts and browns. Another way is to butter the mold carefully, sprinkle sugar over bottom and set on stove to brown (great care is necessary to prevent sticking), pour in custard and bake; when turned out the caramel will be on top.

A thinner custard may be made with a less number of eggs, but it can not be carameled unless baked in individual cups. Less eggs may also be used by substituting a portion of corn starch, boiled rice, gelatine or something else to give firmness, but the quality of custard will be impaired. And if more than one or two additional eggs are used the custard is spoiled. Baking too rap idly, or too long, injures custard, hence do not scald milk and eggs before setting in oven, as many recommend. By baking in boiling water the temperature is regular, and scorching prevented.