Dissolve three heaping table-spoons corn starch and three of sugar in one pint of milk; add to this three eggs well beaten, and pour the mixture into one pint of boiling milk, stirring constantly until it boils again; just before taking from the stove flavor to suit the taste and pour into cups or small molds; when cool take out and place on a glass dish with a mold of jelly in the center. Serve a spoon of jelly and a sauce of sweetened cream with each mold. Or, put one quart milk (reserving three table-spoons with which mix three heaping table-spoons corn-starch) with a pinch of salt and five table-spoons sugar. When milk is hot, pour in the mixed cornstarch, and stir until it is a thick batter; pour this on the well-beaten whites of four eggs, add two tea-spoons vanilla, pour into molds wet in cold water, and set on ice; when cold, turn from the mold, and serve in a custard made as follows: Put one pint milk in a basin over boiling water, mix in a tea-cup two even tea-spoons corn-starch in two of cold milk, beat in the four yolks of eggs and two and a half table-spoons of sugar. When the milk is hot pour part of it into the cup and stir well, pour it back into the basin and stir until as thick as desired; put on ice until chilled thoroughly. Blanc-mange may be colored green with spinage juice, or pink with the juice of strawberry, currant or cranberry, or a handsome yellow with the grated peel of an orange or lemon, moistened with the juice and strained through a cloth. Very pretty half-pint molds may be made as follows: Tilt the mold in a pan of snow or pounded ice, color one-fourth the blanc-mange pink, another fourth green; wet the molds and pour into them a little of the colored blancmange, putting only one color into each mold and filling it so that when tilted the blanc-mange reaches nearly to the top and covers about two-thirds of the bottom; when cold set mold level, and fill with the white blanc-mange, which has, meantime, been kept in so warm a place as not to harden. If the molds are made to imitate roses or fruit, the fruit may be green, and roses pink; if corn, yellow; and various ways of combining colors and forms will suggest themselves to the ingenious housewife.