Required: Clear jelly. Bananas. Pistachio nuts.

Melt the jelly gently. Put the pistachio nuts in a small pan of hot water, bring them to the boil, and let them boil for a few minutes, then drain off the water, and the nuts can be easily slipped out of their skins. Cut them in neat, round slices. Peel the bananas, cut them in slices about an eighth of an inch thick, if possible with a silver knife, as a steel one often discolours them. Then stamp out the slices neatly with a small round cutter, to give a neat, even edge. Line the mould coating of jelly with them, and arrange some pretty design of pistachio nuts on the top. They are very effective arranged to represent shamrock leaves, the stalks being formed with thin shreds of pistachios or angelica. Pour just a drop of jelly on each leaf to set it - if too much is put the nuts will float. When the decoration is set, pour in a layer of jelly about half an inch deep, more or less according to taste. Next put in a layer of rounds of banana, leaning each slice against the last one. Pour in more jelly to cover them. Leave that until set. Next put in more banana rounds, then more jelly, and so on, until the mould is full. When the jelly is quite set, turn it out on to a pretty dish.