This is a savoury jelly and invaluable in the decoration of cold dishes.

Required: One and a half pint of good veal stock or cold water.

Quarter of a pint of sherry.

Quarter of a pint of malt, tarragon, and chilli vinegars mixed.

The rind and juice of one lemon.

A bunch of parsley and thyme.

A bay-leaf.

Two sticks of celery.

One carrot.

One onion.

Six peppercorns.

Six allspice.

A blade of mace.

Two ounces of leaf gelatine.

Two whites of eggs, and the shells. Carefully remove every vestige of grease from the stock, and put it in a clean, bright pan. Prepare and quarter the vegetables, and add them to the stock with the rest of the ingredients, remembering to wash the egg-shells thoroughly, to pare the lemon-rind very thinly, and to wash the herbs.

Proceed in exactly the same way as directed for clear wine jelly, only, instead of letting it settle for ten minutes, let it stand at the side of the stove for thirty minutes before straining it.