Required: Two calf's feet. Five pints of water. Half a pint of sherry. One tablespoonful of brandy. Three lemons. Three cloves.

Spanish jelly

Spanish jelly

An inch of cinnamon.

Two eggs.

Half a pound of loaf sugar.

Wash the feet very thoroughly in boiling water, then chop each in four pieces. Put them in a saucepan with cold water to cover them, and let them boil for five minutes, then strain off the water. Rinse out the pan, put back the feet with the five pints of water, and boil gently from five to six hours, keeping them well skimmed. The liquid should now be reduced to a little over a quart. Strain it into a basin, and leave it until cold. Next remove every vestige of grease from the top of the jelly, and then wipe over the surface with a clean cloth dipped in boiling water.

Turn the jelly into a clean saucepan, heat it gently, add the wine, brandy, the strained juice and thinly-pared rind of the lemons, the sugar, and the spice. Lastly, wash the shells of the eggs very thoroughly, crush them, and add them, together with the whipped whites of the eggs.

Proceed in exactly the same way as for clear wine jelly.

N.B. - If preferred, use more lemon-juice and leave out the wine and brandy.