Required: One chicken. Water to cover. One small onion. One leek. One carrot.

A bunch of parsley and herbs. The rind of half a lemon. Two ounces of ham or lean bacon. Four peppercorns. Two cloves. Two allspice. Salt and pepper. Two tablespoonfuls of rice.

Cut the fowl into neat joints, put them in an earthenware casserole, or stewing-jar, with hot water to cover them, the herbs (tied together), bacon, onion, leek and carrot cut in neat dice, also the spice and lemon rind tied in a piece of muslin, and the rice, after washing it under the cold water tap. Add a little salt and pepper. Cover the casserole, and let the contents simmer gently for about an hour or until it is tender.

When the stew is ready, take out the herbs and spice. Season it carefully, and serve it in the casserole with a clean table napkin folded neatly and pinned round it.