Required: Six ounces of cooked chicken. Quarter of a pint of cream Quarter of a pint of aspic jelly. Three-quarters of a pint of white sauce. Half an ounce of leaf gelatine. Half a teaspoonful of grated lemon rind. Salt and pepper.

For decoration: two red chillies or truffle or chervil.

Rinse out nine or ten small dariole moulds or cups in cold water. Warm the aspic slightly, pour a little into each mould, turn them to let it run all over, so that all the inside is thinly coated with it. Let it set; then decorate the top of each with some pretty design of chillies or truffle cut in fancy shapes or delicate sprays of chervil. Pour a few drops of aspic very gently on this decoration and let it set. It will then keep in place.

Remove all skin and gristle from the chicken, chop the flesh finely, then pound it in a mortar; or, if you have not one, substitute an enamel bowl, and a rolling-pin for a pestle.

Heat the sauce, dissolve the gelatine in a tablespoonful of boiling Water, add it to the sauce; stir it well together, then strain it on to the pounded chicken. Mix them well together, then rub the mixture through a hair sieve. Next whip the cream and stir it gently into the other ingredients, adding the lemon rind, salt and pepper to taste, and, if liked, a few grains of nutmeg.

Press the mixture gently into the moulds, taking care not to disturb the decoration.

Leave them until cold. Then turn the creams carefully out, and arrange them on a bed of nice salad.