A Peter Pan Collar with Original Design - Buttonholing - Satin, Crewel, and Outline Stitches - A Double Stock Collar with Chain Stitch and French Knots - How to Work Blanket, Lace, and Bullion Stitches

White muslin or linen collars, made of good material and well embroidered, cost, if bought, from 1s. 6d. to 1s. 9d. each. It is worth while, therefore, to know how to make them at home for a few pence.

The collar in illustration No. 1 is a Peter Pan made of linen, price 1s. 4d. a yard, with an original design worked in D.m.c. cotton, No. 25 (Mouline special), price 1d. a skein.

Method Of Work

Cut the collar to the size and depth required, and machine on to it a narrow neckband either of lawn, cambric, or muslin. Fold the collar in half, place it over carbon or tracing paper, and sketch the design. If this method is adopted, the pattern will be exactly even at both ends. If one is unable to sketch an original design, a transfer paper pattern can be used.

Then work tiny scallops round the edge in buttonhole stitch, working along a traced line a small distance from the edge. After the buttonholing is finished, cut the edge away with a very sharp pair of scissors.