Like plum-puddings, mincemeat improves with keeping; therefore it is quite time to make it.

An Old-fashioned Recipe (containing beef)

Required: Two pounds of beef suet. Two pounds of lean beef. Six pounds of apples. Four pounds of sugar.

One and a half pound of currants. Three pounds of chopped raisins. Half a pound of sweet almonds. Quarter of a pound of candied peel. One lemon.

Two ounces of cinnamon. Brandy or wine to moisten it.

Chop the suet, beef, and apples very finely, mix with them the sugar, currants, chopped almonds, peel, and raisins; add the grated rind and strained juice of the lemon, the cinnamon, and brandy or wine. Mix all well together, put into clean, dry jars, and cover with parchment paper.

No. 2. Without Beef Required: Two pounds of beef suet.

Two and a half pounds of chopped raisins.

One and a half pound of currants.

Two pounds of apples.

Two pounds of moist sugar.

Quarter of a pound of chopped mixed peel.

Quarter of an ounce of pudding spice.

Three lemons.

One ounce of sweet almonds.

Six bitter almonds.

Quarter of a pint of brandy. Quarter of a pint of port wine

Chop the suet, raisins, peel, and almonds very finely, grate the apples, and pass half the currants through a mincing machine (if preferred, all the currants may be minced). Mix all these ingredients together, add the grated rinds and the strained juice of the lemons, also the sugar, spice, wine, and brandy. Mix all well together, press the mixture into perfectly dry jars, cover them with parchment paper, and keep them in a cool, dry place.