Cook and housemaid and between-maid also kept.

6.30 a.m.: Sweep and dust dining-room; brush and take up gentlemen's clothes; lay dining-room breakfast; have morning papers ready; have own breakfast.

8.30: Wait at dining-room breakfast; finish library; see to ink, blotting-paper, etc.; clear dining-room break-fast, and wash up.

10.30: Dust drawing-room; see to flowers and plants; attend to silver, castors, lamps, etc.; be ready to answer sitting-room bells and front door; attend to fires; do any special duties for the day.

12.30 p.m.: Change dress; set and serve luncheon; make up fires and tidy sitting-rooms.

2.0: Have own dinner; take in coffee, if required; clear luncheon; wash up; do mending of table linen or gentlemen's clothes. 4.30: Prepare and take in afternoon tea. 5.0: Have own tea; light up house, time according to season; clear tea, and wash up tea things. 6.30: Put out gentlemen's evening clothes; ring dressing-gong; lay dinner-cloth; see to fires; tidy room. 7.30: Wait at dinner; serve coffee; clear dinner; wash up; take in aerated waters, etc., at 10 o'clock. 10.30: Lock up house; put out lights; bed.