The Fruitarian Pudding - Non-alcoholic Pudding - Vegetarian Pudding - Mincemeat-christmas Cake

In Mid-november housewives should turn their thoughts to Christmas and all the extra preparations that this festive season entails.

Many readers will agree that from every point of view it is best to make the Christmas puddings at home, because it is then possible to study the particular likes and dislikes of the family and to select a recipe from which to work accordingly. Believers in fruitarian diet will naturally demand a pudding minus suet, while advocates of temperance will eschew all puddings containing alcohol in any form. Doubtless, many people use their own pet recipe, and others again have not yet found one to suit, and yearly experiment with a different one. Result - an absolute uncertainty regarding the success or otherwise of the pudding.

Recipes are given herewith to suit all purses and all tastes. If you want a rich pudding, make it as soon as possible, so that with keeping it may ripen and develop flavour.