Illegal to Induce an Infant to Bet or Borrow Money-penalties Incurred by so Doing-street Betting in Connection with Children-children of Female Convicts-sale of Intoxicants or

Fire-Arms To Chidlren-Street Games

It is an offence punishable with fine and imprisonment for anyone, for the purpose of earning interest, commission, or reward, to send to a person whom he knows to be an infant any circular, notice, advertisement, letter, or telegram inviting him to make any bet or wager, or to take any share or interest in any betting or wagering transaction, or to borrow money, or to apply to any person or at any place with a view to obtaining information or evidence for the purpose of any bet or wager, or for borrowing money or for information, as to any race, fight, game, or sport upon which betting or wagering is generally carried on.

Proof Of Age

It must not be forgotten that by infant we mean one who has not attained his majority; anyone sending a circular or other document offering to lend money, or with regard to any betting or wagering transaction, to any person at any university, college, school, or other place of education is deemed to have known that such person was under age, unless he can prove that he had reasonable ground for believing that such person was of full age.

Persons Responsible

Every person who assists at the money-lending business at the address given in the circular, and the person to whom payment may be made or information obtained with regard to the betting circular, shall be deemed to have sent the document unless they can prove the contrary.

If in either case the circular was sent in reply to a request from the minor to forward terms of loan or book of betting rules, the question might be raised-could the moneylender or bookmaker under such circumstances be convicted of " inviting"? Affidavit in Connection with Loan

Anyone who solicits an infant, except under the authority of any court, to make any affidavit or statutory declaration for the purpose of, or in connection with, any loan, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding three months' hard labour, or a fine not exceeding 100, or to imprisonment and fine of a less time and amount.

Street Betting

For street betting, as the offence is called, with a person under the age of sixteen, the offender, if convicted of the offence of street betting, which is not necessarily confined to a street or public place, may be imprisoned for six months without the option of a fine, or sentenced to pay a fine of 50. The offender may be taken into custody by a constable without a warrant, and must satisfy the Court that he had reasonable ground for believing that the person was over sixteen.

Child Of Female Convict

The child of a female prisoner may be received into prison with its mother, provided it is at the breast. When the infant has attained nine months the medical officer is to report whether it should be retained; but no child after it has arrived at the age of twelve months is to be retained, except under special circumstances.

Sale Of Beer Ands Piritss0

Publicans and others are not to sell any description of intoxicating liquor to any person under the age of fourteen, excepting such as are sold in corked and sealed vessels in quantities of not less than one reputed pint, for consumption off the premises only. And there is a penalty which may be imposed upon any person sending a child under fourteen to any place where intoxicating liquors are sold except for the purpose of bringing the same home in properly sealed bottles.

There is nothing to prevent the licensed person from employing a member of his family, or his servant, or apprentice, to deliver intoxicating liquors at the residences of his customers.

Under no circumstances is the publican or other licensed person to sell for consumption on the premises any description of spirits to persons apparently under sixteen. Pistols

No one under the age of eighteen may buy, hire, use, or carry a pistol without having previously obtained a gun licence. Anyone who knowingly sells or delivers a pistol to any such unlicensed person under eighteen years of age renders himself liable to a penalty of 5. Any pistol found in the possession of a person under eighteen, and liable to a penalty, may be disposed of as the Court directs.

Street Games

Playing at football or any other game on the highway is an offence. But roller-skating in the road or on the pavement does not appear to be regarded by the Metropolitan Police Magistrates either as a game under this section, or as a nuisance, under which heading flying kites in the street, and making slides upon ice or snow, are included.

Throwing stones, lighting bonfires, lighting or throwing fireworks in the street, ringing door-bells, knocking at doors, extinguishing street-lamps, or placing flowerpots or other heavy articles in an upper window without sufficiently guarding the same from being blown down, are all offences for which a fine of 40s. may be imposed.