When only a few slices have been cut from a leg of mutton it can easily be re-roasted, and by filling in the cavity with potato, the cut surface of the meat is protected, and the appearance of the joint is far nicer than if the space had been left.

Required: A cold leg of mutton.

About a pound of cooked potatoes.

Half an ounce of butter.

A little milk.

Salt and pepper.

Brown sauce.

A little glaze.

The quantity of potatoes required will, of course, depend on the size of the gap they have to fill. Rub them through a sieve, or mash them finely. Heat the butter with about a tablespoonful of milk in a saucepan, stir in the potatoes, add salt and pepper to taste. Mix all well together, adding more milk if necessary. Fill in the cavity in the leg with the potatoes, smoothing them to look as much like the meat as possible. Brush the surface over with a little melted glaze, wrap the joint in a piece of greased paper, put in a baking-tin with about an ounce of good dripping, and bake in a moderate oven until it is hot through. Then take off the paper, twist a neat paper frill round the shank bone, put the joint on a hot dish, and strain some good brown sauce round.