How to Re-roast a Leg of Mutton-mutton Cake-mutton Hashed en Casserole-rissolescurry Croquettes-scalloped Mutton

Cold mutton, like stale bread, is one of the food items to which many a housekeeper owes her grey hairs. Other cold meats may be tolerated, or even relished, but cold mutton in any form is frankly detested by many people, and its appearance not infrequently destroys the harmony of the family dinner.

This being the case, why serve it cold, and adorned merely with a sprig of parsley? There are hundreds of ways of re-heating it that are both simple and appetising.

The experienced woman well knows that a reasonable amount of meat, augmented with a well-flavoured thick gravy, plenty of vegetables or other garnish, will go as far again as slices of a cold joint, and give also greater satisfaction and superior nutriment.

Each of the following recipes will be found helpful in disposing of the remains of joints; and remember all superfluous fat must be trimmed off and rendered down for dripping, the bones and rough bits utilised for stock.