Required: Two and a half ounces of grated cheese.

Half an ounce of flour.

Half an ounce of butter.

Two eggs and one extra yolk.

Half a teaspoonful of made mustard.

Salt and pepper.

Quarter of a pint of milk. (Sufficient for four persons.)

Pin a band of buttered paper round a china souffle case, coming about two inches higher than the top of the case. Use either a sheet of foolscap or two folds of kitchen paper. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the flour, and mix it in smoothly. Pour in the milk, and stir it gently over the fire until it boils; then let it cook gently for three or four minutes. Let it cool for a few minutes. Next add the eggs one by one, beating them well in; put about a teaspoonful of grated cheese aside, and stir the rest into the mixture, seasoning it carefully with mustard, salt, and pepper. Beat the whites of the eggs to a very stiff froth, and stir them lightly into the other ingredients. Put the mixture into the prepared souffle mould, and bake it in a quick oven for about twenty-five minutes. Serve at once in the dish in which it was cooked, sprinkling the teaspoonful of cheese over the top