Hints to Breeders - Cleaning the Cat - Feeding and Training the Kitten

Should it be necessary to remove the kittens from the mother, do so one at a time, otherwise there is danger of the mother getting milk-fever - a most severe illness. Avoid all unnecessary handling of the offspring, and never remove them from the mother until a fortnight has elapsed.

See that she has a comfortable basket if she is a house cat. Should the weather be very cold, everything can be made snug and warm by placing a hot-water bottle beneath one corner of the cushion. Flowers of sulphur sprinkled on the bed will stop all annoyance from fleas. Oat straw is preferred by many fanciers, but this is apt to litter the room in the case of a household pet.

Felines are exceedingly clean by nature, and seldom give trouble if a box, or, better still, a galvanised pan one inch deep is provided. This must be filled with clean earth or sawdust (the latter being preferable, as it can be burnt), and placed in a dark, well-ventilated corner.

Every day the cat must be brushed with a soft brush, but do not use a comb, as this breaks the hair and renders the coat hard. Cut away any hard lumps which refuse to answer to soft persuasion, or in endeavouring to tidy herself puss will swallow them, and probably die. Never wash her if it can possibly be avoided.

The great secret of successful feeding is to keep all dishes immaculately clean, to scald them after every meal, and never allow food to remain long in them.

Milk is the principal article of a cat's dietary, but sour milk produces digestive troubles, especially diarrhoea. Never give milk in any form when a cat is suffering from this complaint. Cats suffer from digestive troubles from tainted food more than any other animal, hence the reason for proverbial fastidiousness.

See that puss has access to a dish of clean water, for, although milk is taken for nourishment, water is preferred to quench the thirst; and be careful to vary her diet, for often, when a cat is off her feed, a change of menu will workwonders.

There is on the market a special cake for cats, this and oatmeal porridge forming an excellent dish. Although cats are carnivorous by nature, vegetables should frequently be given, but see that meat is also provided. An occasional meal of boiled liver acts as a laxative, but is not good diet for regular use. As a rule, cats prefer mutton to beef.

Train kittens early to take doses of milk or water from a spoon, then, when medicine is necessary, half the battle will be fought by the fact that they are not spoon-shy, and the dose will be down before they know what has happened. This little precaution will save the owner countless scratches in later days.

Always provide grass for caged cats, for this is the means by which they vomit hairs swallowed during the process of washing.

Although cat-breeding necessitates the spending of much time and trouble, the hobby repays itself, for not only is it intensely interesting, but, what is more to the point, profitable, if undertaken on business lines.

A Girl's Rose Bedroom

A Girl's Rose Bedroom

Comfort is combined with daintiness in this room. Though planned on a very modest scale, all requirements are provided for. The writing-table can be let down when not required. The convenience of the large hat-box is obvious. Boots are kept on the curtained shelves. On the floor is easily cleaned linoleum. A corner rail holds hockey sticks, golf clubs, etc. The chintz matches the wallpaper, and the embroidery on curtains, bedspread, and cushion carry out the rose garland decoration.