Required: One large bunch of leeks. Boiling water.

Two level teaspoonfuls of salt to each quart of water.

One ounce of butter. Salt.

(Sufficient for four persons.)

Cut off the roots of the leeks and trim off all but about one and a half inches of the green tops. Wash the leeks very thoroughly, as they are usually very gritty. It is a good plan to let the water flow from the cold-water tap well inside them. Put them in a pan with enough boiling water to cover, and salt in the given proportion. Boil them gently until they can be easily pierced with a skewer, which should be run into the root end, this being the thickest part. They will probably take from twenty to thirty minutes, but this depends upon their size. Drain them very thoroughly from the and arrange neatly in a hot dish with their heads all one way. Cut the butter into small pieces, and put here and there on the leeks. Sprinkle over a little pepper, and serve very hot.

Boiled Leeks

Boiled Leeks