Required: About three pounds of salt fish, or a small codling. Milk and water to cover it. (Sufficient for six persons.)

There is no need for this fish to be the sodden, unappetising dish it so often is, owing entirely to careless cooking.

Well wash the fish. Put it with the skin side uppermost in a basin of cold water and let it soak overnight. This will remove some of the salt. Next day rinse it well, put it in a pan with tepid milk and water in equal parts. Bring it to boiling point, skim it well, and draw the pan to the side of the fire. Let the fish simmer very gently for about twenty-five minutes, or until the flesh easily leaves the bones. This is best ascertained by drawing out one or two bones from the upper ridge of the back. Be careful that the water does not boil; if it does, the fish will be tough and stringy.

When done, lift out the fish, drain it well, and arrange it on a heated napkin on a hot dish. Hand with it boiled parsnips and egg sauce.

Or - After the fish is cooked, remove all skin and bones, break the flesh into large flakes, stir it into the egg sauce, and serve it piled up in a hot dish.