Bread-and-butter left over is even more difficult than bread to utilise. Here is a good way:

Required: Slices of bread-and-butter. Any stoneless jam. For the batter:

Four ounces of flour.

A level teaspoonful of salt.

One egg.

One gill of milk.

Frying fat.

First prepare the batter. Sieve the flour and salt into a basin. Break the egg into the middle of it, pour on to it about two table-spoonfuls of milk, then with a wooden spoon work in the flour gradually; next add half the milk, and beat the batter well, until the surface is covered with bubbles, then add the rest of the milk.

Cut the bread - and -butter into neat pieces, spread one piece with a little jam, lay on a second piece, and press them together. Have ready a pan of frying fat. When a faint bluish smoke rises from it, coat a piece of bread-and-jam with the batter, then drop it into the frying fat and fry a pretty golden brown. Drain it well on paper, then dust with castor sugar. When all the pieces are fried, serve them neatly arranged on a hot dish.