Required: Half a pound of crumbs.

Half a pound of any kind of cold meat. A small onion.

A dessertspoonful of curry powder. An ounce of butter. A little ketchup or Harvey sauce. One egg. A little stock. (Sufficient for six persons.)

Put the crumbs in a pie-dish, and pour over just enough stock to moisten them. Put the meat through a mincing machine or chop it very finely. Press as much stock as possible out of the crumbs. Mix together the crumbs, meat, finely chopped onion, sauce, and curry powder. Season the mixture carefully.

Bread and Jam Fritters

Bread-and-Jam Fritters

The mixture should be moist, but not sloppy, so if too dry add a little stock or gravy. Well butter a pie-dish, put in the mixture. Beat up the egg, and pour it over the top. Bake in a moderate oven for about half an hour, then serve.

N.B. - This is an excellent lunch or breakfast dish. Add more or less curry powder to suit individual taste.