Fishless Kedgeree

Required: Two ounces of rice.

Four ounces of haricot or butter beans

Four ounces of dried peas.

One onion.

One ounce of butter.

One ounce of proteid food.

Half an ounce of curry powder.

A little lemon-juice.

Soak the peas and beans overnight. Cook the rice, peas, and beans in separate saucepans, in a very little water, so that it may be nearly absorbed. Chop the onion, and fry it in butter. Add the curry-powder and proteid food, with any liquor strained from the beans, rice, and peas. Mix all together in the saucepan, and add a little lemon-juice. Make very hot, and serve with toast.

A Cup of Proteid Food

Put three tablespoonfuls of proteid food in a breakfastcup, mix well and slowly with hot water (some prefer to mix it with tea, coffee, cocoa, or hot milk). This drink has been found by many people to form the best breakfast, and by others to give a good night's rest, when mixed with hot water and taken at night.

Grated nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, or other flavours can be added, if preferred.

Geneva Eggs

Required: Two eggs. One gill of milk. A little parsley. Chopped onion.

Fry one dessertspoonful of onion and one teaspoonful of parsley in one ounce of boiling butter until brown; add one dessertspoonful of flour and one gill of milk, pepper and salt to taste, and stir for five minutes. Then add the beaten eggs, stir for another five minutes. Serve on hot buttered toast.