Required: Half a pound of breadcrumbs. Quarter of a pound of beef suet. Two ounces of mixed peel. The rind and juice of one lemon. Six tablespoonfuls of marmalade. One egg.

Half a gill of milk. (Suffici ent for five persons)

Take some stale pieces of bread and rub them through a sieve. This ensures all being of the same size; if made on a grater they are generally of uneven size. Chop the suet very finely, also the peel. Grate the rind of the lemon on to them.

Put the marmalade in a basin, strain in the juice of the lemon, break up the egg, add it with the milk, and beat all well together; then add the crumbs, suet, and peel. Well grease a pudding basin, put in the mixture, pressing it down, twist a piece of greased paper round the top of the basin, put the basin in a saucepan with boiling water 1o come half-way up it, and steam the pudding for two and a half hours. Then take off the paper, turn the pudding on to a hot dish, sprinkle a little castor sugar on the top, and pour round some marmalade sauce.