Required: Cheese.

A little oil and vinegar. For the batter:

Two ounces of flour.

Three tablespoonfuls of tepid water.

Half a tablespoonful of oil, or melted dripping or butter. The white of an egg. (Sufficient for four persons.)

Cut some rather thin strips of cheese about two inches long and one inch wide. Put them on a plate, sprinkle them with oil and vinegar and a little pepper, and let them lie in this for about half an hour, turning them now and then.

Put the flour in a basin with a few grains of salt. Make a hole in the middle, and stir slowly into it the tepid water and oil, or melted dripping. Beat all well together. Whisk the white to a stiff froth, and stir it very lightly into the batter. Have ready the pan of frying fat; when a faint bluish smoke rises from it dip the slices of cheese into the batter with a skewer, then drop them into the fat and fry them a golden brown (they will take about four minutes). Drain them on paper, and serve them very hot.