Required: Three or more whiting. A little flour. Salt and pepper. One egg. Breadcrumbs. Frying fat. Fried parsley for garnishing.

Wash the fish thoroughly,remove the eyes, and cut off the fins.hold the fish: firmly in the left hand, then with right draw round the tail and push it sideways through the mouth. Keep it in place by sticking a small skewer first through the upper jaw, then through the tail, and out through the lower jaw. (The required length can be cut from an ordinary wooden skewer, but be careful not to splinter it when cutting).

For three whiting, mix together about two tablespoonfuls of flour, and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Coat the whiting lightly with the flour (this dries it, while the salt and pepper improve the flavour).

Beat up the egg on a plate, and put the crumbs in a piece of paper.

Put the pan of frying fat on the fire to get hot. Brush each fish all over with the beaten egg, then cover it with crumbs. When a bluish smoke rises from the frying fat put in a whiting and fry it a pretty golden brown. After the first few minutes, lessen the heat slightly by moving the pan to a cooler part of the stove or lowering the gas, otherwise the outside of the fish will become too dark before it is cooked through. When sufficiently fried, lift it on to a tin lined with paper, so that all fat may drain from it. If the fat was the right heat the fish will have a nice crisp coating of egg and crumbs. If the fish seems greasy and sodden, the fat was not hot enough when the fish was first put in.

Curried eggs

Curried eggs

Before frying another fish make sure that a bluish smoke is rising from the fat, otherwise it is not hot enough. When all are cooked, fry the parsley. Move the pan of fat from the fire, then throw in a handful of nice heads of parsley, but be sure to dry them well in a cloth first. As soon as the fat ceases to sputter, lift the parsley quickly on to a piece of paper, when it should be a lovely green. Be careful not to over-fry the parsley, or it will become an ugly brown. if not black. Arrange the fish on a lace pa] on a hot dish, put a tuft of parsley in each eye socket, and garnish the dish with the rest.