Required: About six ounces of raw chicken.

One ounce of butter.

Quarter of a pint of milk.

One teaspoonful of flour.

Salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

Two teaspoonfuls of chopped onion or shallot. . (Sufficient for three persons.)

Chop the chicken finely or pass it through a mincing machine. Melt the butter in a stewpan, put in the chopped onion, and let it cook for three or four minutes without letting it colour. Then add the chicken and cook it until it looks quite white, then sprinkle over the flour, add the milk, and stir it over the fire until the sauce boils. Next add seasoning to taste. Draw the pan to the side of the fire and let its contents simmer gently for about half an hour. Arrange the meat on a hot dish with a border round of neat sippets of toast or fried bread, and rolls of toasted bacon.