Required: Five ounces of bread, without crust. 1 wo ounces of candied peel. One lemon.

Three ounces of sultanas. Three ounces of castor sugar. Two eggs.

Half a pint of milk. Quarter of a pint of cream. Half a pint of strong coffee. (Sufficient for six persons.)

Cut the bread into neat, small dice; put these in a basin, add the finely chopped peel, the grated rind of the lemon, and a few drops of the juice, also the sugar and sultanas, having first cleaned and stalked them.

Fried whiting

Fried whiting

Well beat the eggs, add the milk, then strain these on to the dry ingredients, mixing them well in. Now add the cream and coffee and stir them in. Have ready a well-greased mould or basin, pour in the mixture; cover the top with a piece of greased paper, and steam it for two hours. Turn it carefully on to a hot dish, and serve with any nice sweet sauce.

N.B. - If preferred, leave out the cream and use milk in its place.