Required: Four ounces of dates.

One and a half ounces of castor sugar. Six stale sponge-cakes.

Two eggs and two extra whites. The rind of two lemons. About half a pint of milk to soak the cakes. (Sufficient for four or five persons.)

Put the cakes in a basin, pour over them enough milk to moisten them. Stone the dates, and cut them in strips. Beat up the cakes with a fork, add the dates, the grated lemon-rind, and the beaten eggs. Mix all well together.

Slightly butter a pie-dish, pour in the mixture, and bake it in a moderate oven for about half an hour. Whisk the whites of the two eggs to a very stiff froth, flavour them with vanilla and two tablespoonfuls of castor sugar. Heap this all over the top of the pudding, sprinkle over it a tablespoonful of castor sugar. Put it back in a cool part of the oven until it is a very pale brown; if the oven is really slow, it will take from ten to fifteen minutes. If liked, sprinkle a little pink sugar or a few "hundreds and thousands" over the top, and serve.

Eggs in tomatoes

Eggs in tomatoes

N.B. - If preferred, stale bread or any plain cake may be used in place of sponge-cake.