Required: One egg for each person. For four eggs allow: One ounce of butter. Two tablespoonfuls of milk. Salt and cayenne.

One and a half teaspoonfuls of made mustard. One teaspoonful of chutney. One egg for the sauce. Two teaspoonfuls of capers.

Melt about an ounce of dripping in a frying-pan, break the eggs into a cup, slip them gently into the frying-pan, and fry them until the whites are firm. Trim them neatly, arrange them down the middle of a hot dish, and pour over them the following sauce.

Melt the butter in a saucepan, then add the milk, with salt and cayenne to taste. Let this boil, then add the mustard, chutney, and the egg, well beaten. Stir over a slow fire till the sauce thickens, but does not boil; then chop and add the capers.

Pour the sauce over the eggs. Brown it in front of the fire, or with a salamander, or even a red-hot poker will do. Garnish the dish with little heaps of bread cut into dice and fried. Cost, 8d.