Required: Three hard-boiled eggs. Half a pound of sausages. One raw egg. Breadcrumbs. Croutons of bread.

Shell the eggs and put them into cold water for a few minutes, skin the sausages, dip the eggs into flour, and then coat them with a layer of sausage-meat, taking care to keep the shape of the egg. Beat up the raw egg on a plate, brush over the sausage-covered eggs with it, then roll them in bread-crumbs, and fry a golden brown in frying fat from which a bluish smoke is rising. Drain them on kitchen paper. Next fry six small rounds of bread a golden brown, and drain them also.

Cut each egg neatly in half and place each half on a crouton of bread. Arrange them on a lace paper, and garnish with fresh or fried parsley. Cost, 9 1/2d.